Scientific and practical journal "Medical Law"

ISSN 2072-084X; eISSN 2518-7724

Founded in 2008 by Lviv Charity Fund “Medicine and Law”

Frequency: twice a year.

Chief Editor: Iryna Y. Senyuta,
LL.D in law, professor

State registration certificate of the journal:
Series КV № 20957-10757 PR of 22 September 2014

The journal was included to the list of specialized publications in the field of legal sciences
(Order of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine of 12 May 2015 № 528)  

The journal is classified as "B" of professional publications

(Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 2 July 2020 № 886)


  • Ukrainian non-governmental organization "Foundation of Medical Law and Bioethics of Ukraine"
  • Lviv Regional Charity Fund "Medicine and Law"
  • Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University
  • Intellectual Property Research Institute of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine

Medical Law Journal Policy

Medical Law Journal is a Ukrainian publication that aims to combine multidisciplinary issues of three sciences - law, medicine and bioethics, which will be useful to scientists and practitioners for the most successful work on the development of medical law in Ukraine as law, science and education disciplines taking into account international and regional standards and integration processes.

The Journal publishes articles on medical law, pharmaceutical law, the legal framework of bioethics, and public health law.

Specialty for which scientific works are published 081 "Law".

The publication is open for scientific work of foreign and Ukrainian scientists and practitioners, articles are published in the state and other languages, which allows to attract a large number of specialists from both Ukraine and foreign countries.

The journal will be useful for a wide audience of practitioners, scientists, students, both in the field of law and medicine, bioethics, as well as for anyone interested in the legal regulation of health care and bioethics.

Despite the coverage of theoretical issues, the journal has other sections in which readers will receive information on international and regional standards in the field of health and human rights, national regulations, translations of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, a selection of medical cases as national, and foreign countries, in addition, acquaintance with iconic figures, literary novelties and information about interesting events on the subject of the journal.

The policy of the Journal is unchanged in the intentions and actions of the creative team to grow professionally, to keep the journal on new international platforms, to captivate new authors and readers, but the reefs of both medical and legal practice create the need to constantly change and remain relevant be a professional guide.

 Headings of the journal:

  1. Medical law doctrine.

1.1. Theory and history of development of medical law as the branch of law.

1.2. Legislative provision in the sphere of health care.

1.3. Legal regulation of certain types of medical care provision.

1.4. Legal aspects of health care system financing and medical insurance.

1.5. Modern problems of bioethics.

1.6. Legal regulation of health care organization and management.

1.7. Medical law as a science and academic discipline.

1.8. Comparative medical law.

1.9. International medical law.

  1. Consultations of medical lawyer (answers to readers′ questions, in particular those of health care organizers, practicing doctors).
  2. Foreign experience (re-publishing of articles, chapters of books of foreign authors for the purposes of involving the reader audience in the achievements of international medical law).
  3. International and regional standards in the sphere of health care and the practice of their application (international standards in the sphere of health care and human rights, documents of the Council of Europe, decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in the context of health care).
  4. Medical law in documents: national acts (Ukrainian laws dealing with health care, decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in the sphere of health care, clarifications and resolutions of the higher judicial instances).
  5. From legal practice (description of interesting cases taken from the practice of considering and settlement of medical cases).
  6. Aiding practitioners (samples of procedural documents, addresses, agreements, etc.).
  7. Methodological treasury (achievements of national and foreign experts (lectures, presentations materials (seminars, schools, etc.), specialized bibliography, training and methodological materials).
  8. Persons (interviews with famous personalities or biographies of people well-known in the sphere of medical law).
  9. Aphorisms.
  10. Professional bookshelf (reviews of publications in medical law, information on new editions (Ukrainian and foreign ones).
  11. Events (data on scientific and practical events in the sphere of medical law, news of the national and foreign institutionalization, etc.). 

All the materials which are going to be submitted to these rubrics must comply with the editorial policy of the journal.

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Publisher: Publishing House of the Lviv Charity Fund “Medicine and Law”