Conflict of interests

Conflict of interest prevention policy

Conflict of interest is a situation characterized by a contradiction between the personal interest of the person and his/her formal responsibilities, which affects the objectivity or impartiality of his/her behavior.

Conflicts of interest may arise, in particular, due to financial interests (employment, consulting services, ownership of shares, fees, paid expert opinions), personal conflicts. A conflict of interest arises when an author (authors, institution), reviewer, or editor has a financial or personal relationship that affects his/her actions (such a relationship is also known as a dual obligation, interest, or competing rights). The basis for a conflict of interest can exist regardless of whether a person believes or not that the relationship affects his/her scientific judgment.

When submitting a manuscript, authors must provide the editorial board with information about potential or conflicts of interest that currently exist, which may affect the review of the manuscript.

Authors must disclose in manuscripts any financial or other conflict of interest that may be construed as affecting the results or interpretation of their manuscript.

The editor should not have any conflicts of interest with the reviewers regarding the acceptance or refusal to publish the submitted works, and ensure the anonymity of the review.

Reviewers should refrain from reviewing manuscripts in respect of which there are certain conflicts of interest that have arisen, in particular, as a result of cooperation or other relationships with organizations or institutions that fund or otherwise relate to the submitted work, and keep in mind the confidentiality of materials submitted for their consideration, and should not discuss them among colleagues.

This conflict of interest prevention policy is developed in accordance with the Key Practices of the Committee on Publication Ethics Core practices and the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE Recommendations. Disclosure of Financial and Non-Financial Relationships and Activities, and Conflicts of Interest).