Editorial Policy

Review policy

The review policy and procedure are defined in the Regulations on reviewing articles submitted to the editorial board of the scientific and practical journal “Medical Law”, which is posted on the website of the journal.

Publication decisions

The editorial board decides on the submitted manuscripts publishing. The editorial board is guided by the journal’s policy and legal requirements for defamation, copyright infringement and plagiarism. Members of the editorial board make decisions based on the recommendations of reviewers and refer to these decisions.

The editor, members of the editorial board, or reviewer must evaluate the manuscripts for their intellectual content, regardless of any personal characteristics, features, views, or origins of the authors.

The editorial board should not use unpublished information in its own research without the written consent of the author. The editors should take reasonable appropriate action if ethical complaints have been filed about the submitted manuscript or published document.

Editor’s responsibility policy

The editor of the journal “Medical Law” must confirm and ensure a fair evaluation of all manuscripts. The editor must take into account their scientific, intellectual content, given the ethical principles, regardless of any personal characteristics, features, views or origins of the authors.

The editorial board is responsible for making decisions on the publication or refusal to publish submitted manuscripts, which are based on the reviews, the journal’s policy, without allowing plagiarism, slander or copyright infringement.

In case of principled remarks, the manuscript of the article with the review is returned to the author. The author may agree or disagree (with proper grounding) with the comments, about which he/she must report in the author’s certificate, which must accompany the manuscript when resubmitted. The editorial board informs the author that the work is accepted or not recommended for publication.

Authors’ liability policy

The authors of the publication must comply with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights” and other acts on copyright protection. The materials of other researchers used by the author should be reproduced only with their appropriate permission and confirmation.

The authors submit only completely original works. Authors should provide references to publications that have influenced the content of the paper submitted for publication.

Authors should provide information on the contribution of each of them to the work and respond to the comments made in the review of the manuscript. All authors must sign the manuscript of the article. Signing the manuscript means agreeing with its contents. The author must make sure that all co-authors have approved the final version of the article and agree to submit the work for publication.

All sources of financial support for the project must be disclosed.

Authors shall not send a manuscript of the article to another edition at the same time.

Authors must keep the original data of their research, including raw, for at least one year after publication.

If the author finds a significant or inaccurate error in his/her published work, he/she must immediately notify the editor-in-chief of the journal and work with the editor-in-chief to reject or correct the article.

If the editor-in-chief or editorial board receives information from a third party that the published work contains a significant error or inaccuracy, the author is obliged to immediately refute this fact, or correct the article, or provide the editor-in-chief with proof of the published work.

Reviewers’ liability policy

Reviewers are required to submit their feedback on the manuscript clearly, correctly, with supporting arguments, comments and references to relevant literature sources (if applicable). In no case may the review be liberal or offensive to the authors. Criticism of an article based on personal accounts is unacceptable. The liability of the reviewer is defined in more detail in the Regulations on the review of articles submitted to the editorial board of the scientific and practical journal “Medical Law”, which is posted on the website of the journal.


The editors and the editorial board are not responsible for the opinions, views and content of the published manuscripts in the journal. Originality, proofreading of manuscripts and errors is the sole responsibility of individual authors.

All manuscripts submitted for review and publication in the journal “Medical Law” are subject to double-blind reviews of the authenticity, ethics of issues, and usefulness of contributions. Reviewers’ decisions are the only tool for publication in the journal and shall be considered as final.